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The ABCs of Behavior Management

Yale Parenting Center Experts

BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT: Who’s in charge? Two clinicians from Yale Parenting Center conducted this workshop on behavior plans, discipline, reinforcing & parent training.   The best part was when we all got to "practice" our parent voices in a funny and enlightening Role Playing Session.

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The Gift of Mindfulness

Stress management tools for Families

We learned about the value of rituals that enhance living in the moment.  The gift of mindfulness teaches families how to develop appreciation for each other through tools that enhance a peaceful approach.

We also received great insights to develop our family library - resources for all ages.

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Parent Power: In Education

Using our voices for effective engagement

Connecticut Parent Power gave an energetic and insightful presentation on how Families can engage processes at town and state level to impact the quality and resources for community and educational success.

Good set of references too!

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Math Jitters?

supporting your mathematical thinking!

We had a fun and informative session with local genius artist and mathematician.  We learned interesting exercises to stretch your brain muscles, learn to think differently, and be better helpers with the Math homework.

Things are so different today than our day -- we also heard from ERACE on the possibility of adult classes for those of us that needed a REFRESHER course.

GREAT Kick off to the series!

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