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One Town.  All our Futures.


One Town. All Our Futures.


We are a group of committed parents in town and

We are providing a resource for all families.

We have children in public schools, we have regular jobs, we also volunteer in different town entities.

We struggle like every other parent so we set out to learn about parenting, 

raising families, and working together every day.

We are mothers, fathers, step-mothers, aunts, grandparents, cousins, friends, and neighbors interested in working towards helping Branford Families. 

We acknowledge that nurturing children is a 24-hour /  7-day a week job,

at times with little support; yet tons of rewarding moments.

This organization was born out of our own hopes and needs 

for a parent resource in our awesome town.

We yearned for a parent group that could support our needs and help our doubts; a place where we could be useful too but where we not being CONSTANTLY asked for money or fundraising hours.

We volunteer in town events, help where community input is needed, and we bring our concerns to education, government, and community entities.


We participate in community building by advocating for those in need.

We work with town, religious, and secular institutions in looking out for Branford Families.

We hire experts to come every month to provide a workshop to families:

any topic of your interest can be covered.  We focus on supporting families around issues which will have long term impact on their children.

And we need you:

Join us for meaningful family engagement 


just plain old fellowship. 

If you can, be there when we lend support to families with news, information, expert insights & advocacy.  Strength in numbers.  Be one of us!

This effort is founded on great hope to usher in a better future for 

the next generation in our town. 

Join us for fellowship and unity.

More traits bind  us together than separate us.

Find a common need and grow together in Community.

For a Stronger and Better Branford.